First post for LD5D

Hello – Im one of the LD5D team so thought I should probably have a go at blogging myself. In response to the reflective framework:
Key skills:I didnt actually set up this blog specially, as it already existed – created by accident when I first  set up a village website with WordPress  several years ago and registered my own username w/o realising i could choose not to generate a new blog. I dusted it off a few months ago to join a MOOC so decided to keep it for LD5D. As far as I remember the process was pretty easy, though I had benefit of very helpful guide to using WP for community websites so just followed the instructions. Since then Ive found lots of help and videos on the WordPress support site, and for anything else I usually find Google turns up the answer as there are so many users out there, someone will have published the answer. Ive since used WP to set up and run several websites for different projects but never so far as a personal blog.
Online identity etc very unoriginal – I now always use my full name on social media sites as I just forget anything else. I dont post personal stuff and only use facebook to follow family and friends, so think its not a problem, though can see there might be times when its unwise (and interesting recent discussion on twitter about this to which Ill add the link when I can go back to it). Im haphazard about answering requests on Linked in, so my connections dont necessarily reflect people Im closest to but how busy/what mood I was in when I received them Hoping this programme will help me to be more systematic…

3 responses to “First post for LD5D

  1. It’s funny how many of us at some point re-discovered a blog that we had set up for something else – started somewhere else… and then off we go – finally colonising the space and finding our voice. You have already made much more of your blog – with categories and blogroll – than I have managed with mine – but at least I have a picture now and I’m signing in with Sandra instead of ‘Danceswithcloud’ – so result, I think! Good luck, Pauline! S

  2. There’s a brilliant post by Bonnie Stewart at on (among other things) finding and losing ones voice online. She’s worth following on twitter if you don’t already @bonstewart

  3. I prefer to use my real identity as like you I don’t post anything I wouldn’t be happy a stranger knowing and I keep my Facebook for friends and family. I wonder if I used an alias if I would blog or comment differently?
    Just thought however that I rarely use a photo of myself on the (gr)avatar.

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