H817 Week 1 Activity 1

I’ve joined this MOOC as an independent learner, to find out more about how MOOCs can work from a student perspctive – and because I kept seeing intriguing tweets from people taking the Digital Cultures one and wishing Id enrolled in time.  So when I heard about the new OU one,  I jumped straight in – then sat back for a week and felt overwhelmed by all the notifications of posts and responses that came flooding in even before the course officially started.  (I’m used to being ahead of the game educationally and here I was being left behind – so some useful insights gained from reflecting on what that feels like).

My background: originally trained as a designer then art historian, and taught the history of visual culture for many years until shifting sideways into educational development.  Enthusiastic amateur as regards learning technologies, but run several websites and am currently exploring different ways to use online resources to support informal professional development among academics and learning developers. So I hope this MOOC will give me some practical ideas, make me reflect more critically on my current default preference for openness   – and oh yes,  get my first badges!


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